Impossible List

Last update: 28 April, 2018

I revised lots of verbose sentences and vague goals. Hope that, by doing so, I can increase my motivation to improve my general well-being and prevent myself from just being a sayer (for example, a vocal wannabe novel forever with no books published). Also, I read some articles that I wrote earlier. I feel like I improved a lot. Other achievements include: made some weird friends and published a few articles in the school newsletter. I just couldn’t think of another scenario better than what I have right now. — 28 April, 2018

I have a really bad habit of procrastinating (like many do) but I have lots of interests that I want to pursue before I’m sleeping in my wooden, colourful-flower-ornated coffin. Thus, I construct this list of my goals to (1) build a clearer picture of my objectives; and (2) pressure myself by showing all my aspirations, letting others criticise me at any time. — 30 April, 2017

Current Focuses:

1. Construct My Podcast Channel

The name will be TT group, with my primary-and-secondary school friend, Tommy, so Tyler and Tommy (TT).

Also, I made friend with another student in the same programme. He is super passionate about being DJ. He and I want to apply for an internship provided by RTHK, a government-funded radio station. I didn’t apply at the end because I couldn’t get the required documents. He applied but he still hasn’t heard from the station, so I assume he got rejected. I always have this idea to let him be the co-host in my (our) online radio channel. Just unsure if he’s also interested in this idea. (I probably ask him after editing this article.)

2. Write My First Book

Deciding what topic I will write: 1. A City of Two Cities (a fantasy Minecraft story to explore the idea of the Creator); 2. Simple Love Story; 3. School (a story about school’s politics to shadow the current political atmosphere in Hong Kong)

3. Improve my English

For whatever it takes.

My recent priorities are declared here: What I’m Doing Now

Last 5 Completed Goals

  • Complete a short story [Published in March 2018]
  • Typing speed: 60 wpm (5 October 2017)
  • Get an English Education degree offer (19 Apr 2017)
  • Start teaching (17 Apr 2017)
  • Typing speed: 50 wpm (12 April 2017) [Proof from]

My Desired Qualities

The top 5 qualities I most value:

  • Contribution to the Society
  • Friendship
  • Peaceful Mind
  • Knowledge
  • Health

(Others are Romantic Relationship, Wealth, Housing, Family, Independence of Self, Siblings, Longevity, Business, Beauty, Physique, Children, Fame and Power, Happiness, Love, Enjoyment to Life)

Based on the above qualities, here’s my impossible list:

Habit Goals


  • Eating: No instant noodles for a month
  • Exercise: 30-minutes running two days in a row

Professional Goals

  • Get an English Education degree offer (19 Apr 2017)
  • Achieve 8.5/9 in IELTS
  • Start teaching (17 Apr 2017)
  • Finish a Coursera course about editing/English

Creative Goals

  • Writing
    • Complete a short story [Published in March 2018]
    • Publish an article/story that makes money
    • Read 5 issues of the Economist (2, 28 April 2018)
  • Podcast
    • Ready, Set, Go!: Produce 10 episodes
    • Interview a person (upcoming)

Skill Goals

  • Typing speed:
    • 50 wpm (12 April 2017) [Proof from]
    • 60 wpm (5 October 2017)
    • 70 wpm
  • Learn a programming language, such as Python
  • Attain Level B2 in German (because I want to do my exchange there)
  • Attain Level B1 in Spanish

Fun and Insane Goals

  • Be on TV once
  • Create a lecture/ YouTube video titled Understanding Tyler

Big Events to Attend

  • None at the moment.

Travel Goals

  • Visit Spain with my mum
  • Visit Germany

Life Goals

  • Write a 5000-word autobiography, with insights on self-improvement
  • Move to somewhere in HK, other than Fanling
  • Revolutionise the education system

Achievement Log

  • 28 April, 2018: Substantive editing
  • 30 April, 2017: Created this post and Started planning my life

Next full review will be on 1st April 2019.

Last Word

You surely want to create YOUR Impossible List. Check out Thomas Frank’s to have a look at his awesome List, for he was one who inspired me to construct my list and make my life productive, especially in the darkest time of my life, when I was completely lost and anxious while waiting for university offers (and finally I got accepted by EdUHK, the school that I’m in). Hope that change your life too!

None of your business

List of books that I read


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