The Sound of Hong Kong

“Among all the countries, why chose Hong Kong?” I asked my foreign friend, Kai*, as we were wandering around in Tsim Sha Shui. At night, neon lights and LED lit up the whole city. Indistinctive faces passed by. The green traffic lights flashed and beeped. Then, the red man lit up and I halted. But … Continue reading The Sound of Hong Kong


Dvorak/Internet security – My Daily Discoveries (27 – 30/4)

Here are all my discoveries this week. 1. Dvorak Having been studying typing on for a month, I finally reached to the final module of the typing drills. Then, the next drill was to practise this new set of keyboard, Dvorak. You can simply set up Dvorak on your computer. Just go to Setting … Continue reading Dvorak/Internet security – My Daily Discoveries (27 – 30/4)