Dvorak/Internet security – My Daily Discoveries (27 – 30/4)

Here are all my discoveries this week.

1. Dvorak

Having been studying typing on typing.com for a month, I finally reached to the final module of the typing drills. Then, the next drill was to practise this new set of keyboard, Dvorak.

You can simply set up Dvorak on your computer. Just go to Setting > Keyboard/Language.

The inventor’s philosophy is to decrease the movements of the fingers. And this in practice, I truly feel that my fingers hardly move at all while I typed many most-used words. It’s the advanced typing way beneficial to all computer user.

I feel that I’ll spend a month to master this innovative skill. But, I am confident that it’ll develop my typing speed.


Here the sequence I explored the internet and computer world.

2(a). AnonHQ

AnonHQ is a news website independent of the government, organised by the hacking company, Anonymous. I love the knowledge about policy and social problems.

And it motivated me a bit to be a social problems writer and a volunteer writer of AnonHQ.

I searched how to volunteer and the website said I’m already one (actually, you too) if you got a mindset of wanting to reveal the truth about the world and make a difference. But, we mustn’t let anyone knows us. We must be anonymous.

But how can we don’t let anyone knows what we’re doing certain things online? Or do they know?

2(b). Internet security

So I checked online and YouTube to gather some ideas of Internet. Then, I located these videos. Some are shocking. We shall never underestimate hackers’ power.

This is a hacker explaining how vulnerable we are on the Internet and giving advice on secure Internet surfing.

These two are about Social Engineer Hackers and General hackers.

After watching these, I know I should do something about my computer.

2(c). Chrome

Actually, AnonHQ advises people to download Tor browser, which enables us to use VPN to somehow change our IP address so almost no one knows our real location. But, the browser is too slow for me as a regular Internet user.

Before all these, I was using Safari. Then, I downloaded Chrome for higher Internet speed and better security. I also installed a plug-in, HTTPS Everywhere (for chrome). Although it did cause some inconvenience, it reminds me of secure Internet browsing, especially if I want to be a hacker in the future (maybe, never say never).

2(d). AI

A day later, I listened to two episodes of The Inquiry by the BBC, How Powerful is Facebook’s Algorithm? and Is Inequality About to Get Unimaginably Worse?. They are about computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). They brought the memory of a saying I heard, ‘in today’s world, learning how to code is a must.’

Google and other international corporate are investing billions of money into AI. It has its upsides. People widely recognised them. But, people neglect the hazards such as economics and politics. The rich would take over the property of AI and the poor may suffer. Also, The AI may eventually take over all the manual jobs and made human useless. One day, maybe, just maybe, the AI will dominate the world. Long live the human.

Realising how powerful coding and programming are after I listened to them, I was inspired to learn to program.

2(e). Programming

FreeCodeCamp and Coursera courses are free online materials. I don’t have a solid plan right now to learn how to code. I’ll keep a mental note and schedule myself to be computer-literate.

That’s another reason why I am now more eager to learn Dvorak to limitlessly better my typing speed.

3. Selling second-hand book

I saw a Facebook post from a friend of mine that he wanted to sell books. Thus, off-handedly, I searched websites about selling second-hand books. There I found Sparktake, an app produced by a Hongkonger.

I suggested it to that friend and tried to sell cheap books on the platform as well. In one day, I sold seven old books.

I hope this app to be popular and boost the cultural atmosphere in Hong Kong.


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