Writing Idea Inspired by Public Exam


A week ago, I tried to write my own short story that I got inspired by a friend of mine, Calvin. He has a dramatic love lost story so I captured it by asking him lots of questions. Having a great passion for his story and writing itself, I intended to dedicated many hours to this story every day.

But it was dreadful.

I spent 3 hours contemplating and eventually wrote only 300 words. After rounding it up, it is less than 2 words a minute!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 00.17.25.png

After three days, I finally wrote 804 words.

In Hong Kong, every secondary school (high school) students will take a public exam called Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Exam (HKDSEE). It is comparable with SAT in the US and A-Level in the UK.

Originally, to maximise my chance of getting into the university and pursue my dream job (being an English teacher, see my passion statement), I took it for universities to consider me as a competent candidate when I get a high grade.

But I got benefited from something else.

In the writing session of HKDSEE, there’re 8 topics from which to choose. I struggled a lot before the exam. I had some kind of ideas that I wouldn’t pick some subjects (like poems and debating) but I didn’t have a specific one in mind. Perhaps due to my natural loving of it, I chose to write a short story. Amazingly, I wrote a lot than I used to in the exam. I wrote 600 words in 1 hour, which is much more productive than I sat down at home.



Maybe next time, when you have something stuck in your head or, like me, having writer’s block, you could do something partly or completely different to accomplish your goal. And now I’m working on my new short story, When Urban Geek meets Wildlife,  inspired by the topic from HKDSEE, Wildlife.

Take-home message:

Chill. Do things irrelevant to your job and get inspired!


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