About this website

Tyler Wong, 21, born and raised in Hong Kong.

“Right now, I’m in a state of mind. I wanna be in like all the time.” — No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande

In short, I’m a dreamer who is:

  • A wannabe English teacher that empowers poor students in Hong Kong and broadens their horizons by giving them the key of English language to open the door to the outer world.
  • A wannabe podcast host that shares every interesting bit in our surrounding to pique people’s interest again in the small things they think is interesting at young.
  • A wannabe novelist that writes in English to let foreigners know what Hong Kong is and delves into some deep-rooted issues in Hong Kong to educate the public about the city they’re living in.

I’ve come a long way before this, for example:

  • I read a Science sub-degree in HKU SPACE but found that Science isn’t my real passion and I suck at this comparing with others in the same programme.
  • I seriously thought about studying Electronic Music but found that I don’t have the certificates required by the institutions.
  • I got totally lost when I hadn’t heard from any universities after graduating from my sub-degree programme.

Thanks to my kind aunt in England, I then spent half of my year there and grew as a person. Later, after I returned to Hong Kong, I got an offer from EdUHK and now I’m studying in an English Education undergraduate programme.

My aunt on the right.

There’re 2 things you can do here:

  1. Go to my Impossible List. Read about my passions in life and how I will achieve them!
  2. Go to my Blog. Mainly short stories, poems and essays from the perspective of a Hong Kong 21-year-old local

Inspired by Thomas Frank from CollegeInfoGeek.com. Check out his wonderful website. Hope it benefits your life (it inspires me to construct this website).


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